Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Special Organic Wines From Luretta Vineyard

Montpeliano restaurant is proud to introduce in its menu three special organic wines from Luretta vineyard in Italy.

The estate Luretta is located in the viticultural area named Colli Piacentini, i.e the northern slopes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, between the regional border separating Lombardy from Emilia and the provincial border between Reggio Emilia and Parma)It includes three different patches of land located in the River Luretta and Nure valley , with a total surface covering about 30 hectares in an ideal position for wine- growing at a height between 200 and 300 m above sea level.
The first production of the estate Luretta can be traced back to 1993.
Currently we are producing about 120.000 D.OC. and I. G.T wine bottles.
The vineyards are grown according to the principles of bio-agriculture, under the supervision of Italian Association for Bio-agriculture (A.I.A.B.)

This three wines are: Boccadirosa (White), I nani e le ballerine (White) and Manvantara (Red).

Let's see in details the characteristics of each of these wines:

BOCCADIROSA D.O.C.,(12.50%): Grape Variety: 100% MALVASIA DI CANDIA. It can be immediately singled out because of its clarity, neatness and sunny colour and of the flowing to the glass of the wine body which emanates, even before tasting, a slight aroma of pleasant and fresh bouquets. As for the sense of smell, the scent of lavender, wild flowers, pricky pear and rose petals merge with the fruity ones, but they remain intense,round and fresh.When swallowing, the palate opens and then apricot, nectarine and pineapple amplify to immensity the fruity and pleasant harmony of the
taste.All is sweet , the scented tastes are velvety, whilethe bouquets are inebriating.Included in the Guide of the Best Italian Wines 2002 by Luca Maroni.

I NANI E LE BALLERINE D.O.C.,(12.50%): Grape Variety: 100% SAUVIGNON. An inspirational wine; one of the most monumental in modern quality winemaking.
A wine of great complexity which freshness combines with a luscious richness of texture. The floral aromas are elegant and elusive. The flavour has exceptional
depth and length.

MANVANTARA D.O.C., (13.00%): Grape Variety:100% BONARDA This Bonarda is the best expression of its potential. Refined and lengthy perfumes with aromas of ripe cherries and hints of violets and vanilla. Beautiful lively palate matched on
the nose. Good acidity with fruit notes and an ample and balanced structure.

Please ask further informations about this fantastic wines to our expert sommelier Giovanni D'Orsi

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