Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Fine Dining In London Montpeliano Restaurant

Opened in 1974 by restaurateur Antonio Trapani, Montpeliano has achieved landmark status in Knightsbridge as the place to go for formal, classic Italian cooking.

Absolutely everyone who is anyone has dined at Montpeliano, with some of the famous guests having left autographed photos behind which adorn the walls. Scores of celebrities have made Montpeliano their number one Italian restaurant in London.

A delightful venue on two levels that reflect its stylish surroundings, the crisp white table linen is illuminated by pin spot lights and the a la carte menu is complemented by an extensive and luxurious Italian wine list and wonderful five stars service.

Signature dishes at Montpeliano include green asparagus with melted parmesan and butter, oven-baked aubergines with tomato, mozzarella and Parmesan, Cappellini (thin spaghetti)with fresh crab, linguine lobster and the best chocolate profiteroles in London. All ingredients used in Montpeliano are extremely fresh and delivered daily

If you're looking for a romantic and stilish London restaurant for lunch or dinner, the ground floor of Montpeliano is an absolute must. Underneath a sculptured, sliding glass roof & amongst a plethora of plants, this is the perfect spot for spending sunny days and starry nights. A fantastic Italian restaurant of the first degree, Montpeliano will certainly not disappoint.

Book a table online and you will have a free glass of champagne or a bellini cocktail for each of your guest and an additional 10% discount

Montpeliano Restaurant
13 Montpelier Street
London, Knightsbridge

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